About Our Company

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Solution Design & Deployment

At UBX we design, deploy and support unique software solutions, helping our clients take their businesses forward. From planning to designing to developing, we craft solutions that are tailored to fit your business needs.

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Network/System Operations

Our team of experts works 24/7, 365 days of the year to keep your system up and running. New smart technologies are proliferating within organizations. Networks and connectivity are the core requirements for an organization to run smoothly.

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Help Desk Support

UBX Help Desk Support program is designed to provide single point of contact for user in troubleshooting. Our program resolves end user technology issues and addresses the client’s requests for technical assistance in the most time efficient manner.

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UC And Collaboration

An organization runs on its communications. UCC offers one point of connectivity to all users saving them from the hassle of operations. Now your teams can focus on brainstorming, tasks at hand, meetings and presentations with converged solutions.

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What We Do

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Our Assessment & Planning services make it easy to assess your current IT Infrastructure and plans future up-gradations in the most cost efficient and operationally efficient manner. You can migrate between different technologies and implement new technologies in the most efficient manner without compromising on any of your operational activities.
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The Architecture & Design team at UBX incorporates various types computer designs related to your system. We leverage our experience to discover, offer, design, procure, integrate, deploy and support IT solutions to the best of your needs. UBX offers a design that provides solutions to the infrastructural and operational issues.
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We are experts at keeping everything and anything digital up and running. Our team augments the professionals you already have in place and provide tools that can spot troubles before you even know they exist. We provide project management on every level with a wide array of services
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Have a Large Project?

In a nutshell, Our teams work directly with the clients to understand and analyze the current-state problems and to design the conceptual solutions.
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